i get asked these all sooo frequently TBH 

Q. Why's it called Sad13? How do I say that?
A. As a tribute to G.O.A.T. band Brainiac (a.k.a. 3RA1N1AC), I adopted the numeronym "DJ Sad13" (because my name is Sadie, duh) for a She Shreds Magazine fundraiser. Then it became my Twitter handle. Then I named this musical endeavor after it. You can pronounce it like "Sad Thirteen." 

Q. Why so sad? 
A. Sun in Cancer, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising. Venus and Mercury in Gemini. Ugh. 

Q. How'd you make this album?
A. 90% of Slugger was recored directly into Garageband using a cheap single input USB audio interface--guitars, bass, synths and most of the backing vocals. A lot of the other sounds are free MIDI files or samples recorded on an iPhone. I basically made a totally passable sounding album on a low budget with minimal engineering experience AND YOU CAN AND SHOULD MAKE YOUR OWN AWESOME ALBUM TOO.
But I wanted Slugger to sound slightly better than passable so I upgraded to Logic Pro ($$) & re-did the vocals & live drums with nice microphones/studios my friends owned--thanks Julian Fader, Justin Pizzoferrato. Then Gabe Wax mixed it while I paced anxiously around his apartment and patted his dog Roux. Emily Lazar mastered it to crispy perfection.

Q. What cities have you lived in? The heck is your deal? 
A. New York, NY; New Preston, CT; Cambridge, MA; Barcelona, ES; Austin, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Northampton, MA; Allston, MA; (currently in) Philadelphia, PA. Playing music is a pretty millennial job right? Jobs I worked in these various cities include: peach farmer, video rental clerk, waiter, summer camp counselor, legal assistant, teacher at UMass Amherst, frontdemon of Speedy Ortiz.

Q. Why's the album called Slugger?
A. It's named after the character Lil' Slugger from the anime Paranoia Agent (which you should watch!). Lil' Slugger is a mysterious kid on roller skates, a serial assailant with a baseball bat who strikes his targets when they're going through an emotional crisis. Afterwards, the victims' lives seem to improve. Plus, baseball. (OED: "a player who consistently hits for power.")

Q. So you like baseball?
A. Nah. But I do really like the Knicks.

Q. What fictional dogs have you crushed on?
A. Maximilian "Max" Goof, Mr. Peanutbutter, Bolt, Max (terrier, owned by Katie), Mr. Pickles, Lucky, Colleen from Road Rovers, Fluke, Poochy, Rowlf, Wishbone, Tramp, Sprocket, Droopy

Q. What are your pronouns?
A. She/her, for the moment. I am really glad you thought to ask me instead of making assumptions about any human's gender identity. What a thoughtful Q&A this has been.

Q. Who's gonna play in Sad13 live?!
A. Right now it's Jade Payne, Jordyn Blakely, Julian Fader & me.